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Computer help, Training, Web hosting, Web Design - PLAIN ENGLISH SPOKEN: The MaconMacGuy


  1. web design,
  2. graphics help.
  3. technical support,
  4. training, &
  5. workflow improvement services

to small and medium sized businesses in the Macon and Middle Georgia area for both Macintosh and Windows platforms. With clients as diverse as a recording studio, a newspaper, an engineering firm, political candidate, real estate firms, a church, and a carpet business, odds are he won’t be surprised by YOUR situation!

The services offered go beyond just the basics – the MaconMacGuy is always looking to see the big picture – to see how making this one change over here will affect the workflow, website look, or computer configuration over there. His whole emphasis is to help his clients integrate the computers or the website into their everyday workflow as seamlessly as possible.

Maintenance? Not a problem! We can schedule maintenance and minor site changes on an as-needed basis, or sign up for a monthly maintenance plan! Contact the MaconMacGuy for more information.

Click on the links above for more information – you can view details about services, see what experience Tom has, view his client list, take a gander at the portfolio, or contact the MaconMacGuy for more info!