Documentation can be everything —

Documentation can be everything

This should be subtitled (To err is human, to really screw things up takes a computer” – or in this case, a entire network.

One of my clients has a website I was hired to completely redo as a CMS system. I accepted the job at a serious discount (mainly because I live there) and proceeded to create the site using WordPressMU.

Things were going fine until I tried to transfer the domain. At this point the site is completely down – WordPressMU is confused becuase it thinks there’s a URL problem – so the only thing you can get is the signup page. I ahve cleaned out the database of ALL references to the old “temp” URL, which made no difference (yet).

Meanwhile, I’m trying to get the domain transferred over to the new hosting (keeping teh domain adn the hosting with the same vendor makes life a lot simpler – AND in this case it’s cheaper over at compared to GoDaddy).

This is when it gets…ahhh..interesting. no one has any documentation on the original account setup – and Private Domain Locking was enabled originally, but no one has the account number or password.

Still researching, though! Updates when there’s something worth reporting!

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