Is your website working or not? —

Is your website working or not?

A few comments sparked by an article from Small Business Newz titled “Search Guru Laments Small Business Web Practices”.

The article references a blog by Danny Sullivan, who is arguably THE guru when it comes to online search engine optimization techniques. In the original blog posting Danny tells a few stories about his recent move to California – during which he had occasion to try to find a local locksmith and a pizza place. In one case the site had been hijacked and was trying to download viruses onto any visitor’s computer – that will really buoy a business’s reputation! In another case there were in fact TWO website and domains for the business – but neither one was really complete.

The other interesting fact is that Danny tried to help these people out by offering some free advice – but was rebuffed on both accounts…. perhaps “ignored” is a better word.

On the face of it those two business owners were not very interested in making their websites useful. It sounds to me like they had one merely because they “ought to”, but really didn’t understand why.

I’m not one of those people who are convinced a website is the path to overnight riches – it certainly hasn’t happened in my case! – but I AM convinced that a well-designed website serves a valuable place in a business owner’s toolkit.

It can serve as a brochure – in it’s simplest form. But there are several different aspects of that “simple” brochure that you need to include, or it is useless.

It definitely can serve as a point of contact – but too many sites just put a “mailto” link up – which is really annoying if you are on a public computer and DON’T have your personal email program on it. or if you are like me and use webmail 100% of the time).

But, again – there are issues you have to make sure you cover!

It can also serve as a customer tool – a place to swap files with clients without all that tedious mucking about in FTP-space (to mangle a line from a certain Douglas Adams book).

What has been interesting in watching my client’s sites is the traffic they get from a simple site that provides the information people need – and in a way that makes the search engines happy. None of them will every get a gazillion visits a day, true – but a few hundred a week can still generate some serious sales leads.

So take a gander at your site – and contact me to see if I can make it work better.




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