Connections & this Online life…… —

Connections & this Online life……

• Someone asked me the other day what I did.

• Yesterday I spent a few hours setting up a new online presence for my music activities.

• This morning I glanced at the MaconMacGuy logo.

Three unrelated incidents – yet they combine into a thought about what exactly it is I do as the MaconMacGuy.

Essentially what I do is enhance a client’s online presence through a variety of means. My skillset is fairly broad, and I’m not afraid to call in help where it’s needed – but my real strength is in identifying what technologies make sense for a business to use, and then helping the business implement those things into the workflow.

Case in point – For several years that site has been a traditional static site (which I designed and have maintained). In the last year I saw a need for YAMS to have something more dynamic – but that would still reflect the “folksy” vibe of the store. Emmett, the owner, also needed to a way to do some updates, and it needed to be baby-simple. He doesn’t have time to integrate a whole new techno-thing to his workflow – he’s got music lessons to teach!

We discussed what he needed – a way to post event announcements to 2 different groups. I setup 2 different blogs on, and took about 20 minutes one day and worked with him. He became comfortable with it quickly, and started adding material to both of them. Meanwhile, I added the two blogs to my Feedburner account – and setup a headline animator. It took just a few minutes to add the code to the front page – and mission accomplished, with VERY little expense to the store.

Now he has a way to add announcements to the groups – they are automatically added to the site, people can get new material automatically sent to their email, and I can track how many people are reading his missives.

As a bonus, this new feature should also increase his search engine visibility because of the search-engine-friendly dynamic content.

This type of thing is what my byline is referring to: Putting the Pieces Together. I leveraged my experience with WordPress, blogging, SEO (search engine optimization), teaching & training, HTML/PHP, plus a few other odds and ends to make this happen – and he is not only happy with the results, he is already seeing some tangible benefits to the store.

So how can I help you?

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