Connecting the Dots…. Sending a Mass Email —

Connecting the Dots…. Sending a Mass Email

I have a client – who is slowly migrating from using 4 different email services to using the webmail that comes with his hosting (SmarterMail Enterprise) – ask me about sending out one email to a bunch of his contacts. He couldn’t figure out an easy way to do it.

As with most things, this required him to do some setup before it would actually work. In this case, I shot a video of how to do it because that’s how my client best learns new information (typing up a long email with instructions isn’t of much help).

I suggested he setup an Excel spreadsheet and have his assistant type in all of his contacts (which are seriously scattered between several machines and webmail services like hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc.). She would then save the file as a CSV, which SmarterMail can import.

The key bit o’ info was that you can add a category to each contact in SmarterMail. After adding a category (“mail list”) to the desired contacts, it’s easy to select all of the contacts in a specific category when typing up a new email.

This took a bit of research, but is a prime example of one of the services I offer my clients. I take an existing situation and try to connect the dots – showing them how to take advantage of the technology they have, or offering some alternative methods (In this case, I listed MailChimp as an option). There is often a “cheaper than inexpensive” service online that you can use to accomplish something.

Check with me an ask about what I can do for you!

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