Using your email address to reinforce your business —

Using your email address to reinforce your business

A friend has begun using a PR person for his music activities. I noticed the PR guy is using a email account for his business email contact (in the “internet olden days” was a sign of distinction – it meant you had a CompuServe account. Nowadays it’s really dying out).

In the interest of helping him out I sent the following email – which has been edited to suit my purposes here.

Another of the things I do is web hosting (at ) and design and online presences and such for some of my clients – and I noticed you’re using a cs email account. Just wanted to mention that you’d really get some brand boost if you had your own domain, and use that as your email “base of operations”.

I’ve got a couple of real estate people who are doing that – they’ve bought their domain and hosting (under $4/month) and they’ve never done anything with the hosting part.

In your case I’d suggest getting the domain, and then setting up a wordpress blog (which is EASY using midgahosting) – use a couple of “pages” for company info, but use your posts for the releases you send out. This would amplify the search engine affect for each release.

[What they look like depends on the template chosen for the blog, but often pages show up as tabs at the top of the blog, and posts are the main part. Over at, for instance, pages are the tabs at the tops, but posts are the entries on the right under “news”.]

Just thought I’d throw this idea into your bucket! I feel strongly that receiving emails from is stronger than getting it from

The process:  head over to
Click on the “sign up” link, at the top.
Fill out the form. Decisions to make:

  1. what username you want – for logging into your control panel area
  2. Which data center (I suggest California, but there isn’t much speed difference between California and London from Georgia)
  3. Which plan – for your purposes I suggest the cheapest! Easily upgradeable later if needed.
  4. Pre-installed script – Select wordpress here. No charge – this just saves you a step later.
  5. Your desired domain…. then the usual contact and payment info

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