Moving your iTunes library —

Moving your iTunes library

The descriptions below are not exact wordings – but they do give the gist of what you have to click. This came from a friend whow anted to know how to transfer his iTunes library from his old PC to his new Macbook.


Pop a thumb drive into your PC.

On your PC:
My Documents–>My Music–>iTunes
One of those folders inside iTunes has all of your audio files. Copy them onto the flash drive.

Eject the flash drive, and pop it into your Mac.

On your Mac:
Open up iTunes. Open up the preferences, and make sure “Copy files into the library” is checked. I also suggest checking “Keep the library organized”.
Slide the itunes window over to the side.
Open up a window to your flash/thumb drive.
Highlight all of those folders that contain your audio (Command-A is a keyboardshortcut). Click-n-drag them into the iTunes window.
Wait a while.
It may ask you about authorizing this machine blah blah blah. Allow it – you might have to add an AppleID and password.

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