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Why you should have your own site

I have a friend with a graphics arts business who is still using as his primary online contact address. I was hassling him about it (he knows he should update, but hasn’t really had a compelling reason to do it). Below are the reasons I gave him for going ahead and setting up his own website:

Here’s why you really should have your own domain:

1) Less cheesy email address.
2) Email address / website that reinforces your brand
3) A spot to sell your stuff, perhaps.
4) Search engine visibility

To get started, swing over to
Click the order button. To get started you really only need the cheapest plan.

The form has an option to find a domain – you can do .com or .biz – maybe even .pro.
(BTW – domains are case-INsensitive, so you can type them either way).

Select the US-based data center. There’s also an option to go ahead and install wordpress or any of a few dozen other packages.

BTW – one cool feature is that you can host 3 domains within the same hosting account…so you could then add to the same account for the price of a domain, install wordpress, and use THAT one to sell your art.
for a quick explanation.

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