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WordPress tip 1

I have a client who was asking some questions about adding material to their website – which is WordPress based.  I thought this might be useful for someone.

Tip 1

You do NOT want to  copy/paste information from Word into the website. Word’s html is extraordinarily odd, and makes things difficult to  change later.
There IS a good way to do this, though – which is especially handy if you like typing material in Word because you are comfortable with it.
Open up a new page or post (as the case may be).
If you are in Visual view (click the “Visual” tab, not the “HTML” tab, you should see a row of tool icons at the top of the editing area. Click on the icon that looks like a clipboard with a W on it.
A window will popup. THAT’S where you paste from Word.
Paste the info from Word into the Popup.

Click the button at the bottom what will insert the new material.
WordPress cleans up the wonky Word html and pops it into your new page/post. At that point you can continue formatting it as needed – often you want it to look different than how WordPress formatted the text.

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