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WordPress tip 2

I have a client who was asking some questions about adding material to their website – which is WordPress based.  I thought this might be useful for someone.

Tip 2

The headlines and such in a WordPress Page or Post are set using what’s similar to Word’s headings – i.e. you mark it as a heading, and Word auto-formats it to whatever font/size/style –> which can be changed in Words styles area.
The web has something similar – <H1>, <H2> etc.  When creating or editing a Page or Post you should see the “Format” pulldown in the editing toolbar when typing up stuff with “Heading 1” “Heading 2” etc. That is exactly what those are referring to.
Making it even odder – what you see in the editing box is not necessarily exactly what you’ll see live on the website – in terms of the look. This is NOT a big deal, but you do need to be aware of it. How different the editing box and the final result are depends on your theme and a whole slew of CSS settings…..but generally it is not a huge deal as long as you are aware of it.
The bottom line is that you mark some text in the editing box as “heading 1”, BUT what exactly heading 1 looks like is set elsewhere. That’s why there’s no specific font option inside a post.

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