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WordPress tip 3

I have a client who was asking some questions about adding material to their website – which is WordPress based.  I thought this might be useful for someone.

The client was having trouble deleting a table using Visual view in WordPress. They could delete the data in the table, just not the table itself, in an entry.

Tip 3

Probably the easiest method is to delete the text inside the table, and then add in some “marker text” that is easily see-able (like a bunch of dollar signs) at both the top and the bottom of the now-empty table.
Switch to HTML view – there’s a tab at the top of the editing window. You’ll see both your text and all the html codes there – it’s a visual mess unless you know html. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that.
Scan down until you see your “marker text”. Tables always begin with the code <TABLE> and end with </TABLE> – so you should see a <TABLE> tag just before your top marker text, and </TABLE> just after your bottom line marker text. Delete those tags and everything in between.
BTW – the tags may have some extra stuff in them – like <TABLE style=”yadda yadda”>. Its still a <TABLE> tag.

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