Not enough time? Common sense online marketing concepts for the small biz owner —

Not enough time? Common sense online marketing concepts for the small biz owner

There are more articles and blog posts and newspaper material available online about marketing your business online than a multigenerational family could read in several lifetimes.

This is a real problem for the small business owner. It’s even bigger if you aren’t online-centric.

So what do you do?

Here is my take on the whole online marketing thing. CAVEAT: I’m not getting rich from anything I’m doing online – nor do I have a realistic chance at becoming so! I use the online marketing stuff to let the world know what I offer.

I have indeed had some clients come from an online search – but most of my clients have come from word of mouth and from referrals.

So you should probably have a package from Morton Salt next to you while reading this!

  1. You can’t do everything.
  2. You SHOULDN’T do everything. If you did, the business would seriously suffer.
  3. The occasional “quick fix” might be OK – i.e. deal sites like Groupon, DealSaver, etc – but aren’t very good for developing a longterm business.
  4. A lot of the stuff that’s HOT right now online will be gone in a few years.
  5. Tell a story….Tell it well….and Tell it consistently.
  6. Oh – and make it short. If it’s a long story, break it up into smaller segments (like, CHAPTERS!)
  7. Where to tell it? Start with your own website – yes, you need one!
  8. ONLY Then move on to other places – Facebook, Google Places, etc.
  9. There are ways to get your stuff to automatically show up on other websites – using RSS. CLICK HERE for an article about gettting your blog to automatically update your Facebook Page.
  10. The ideal would be to write it once, and have it show up in several places online. Its’ less work that way!


Any other ideas? Let me know!

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