Fonts on the web —

Fonts on the web

I recently had a new client who had expressed concern about the look of her site under development. She has had me set it up, and rough in the structure, but is having a writer fill in the pictures and text inside each area of the site.

I received an email requesting that we change the fonts on the site – to match the other designs she is using around her retails store, signage, etc. This is my explanation on how fonts work onlin – I thought ti might be helpful to others.e

You need to think of the fonts online completely differently then in graphic design. Once something is printed on paper, it’s fixed. On the web, the images are RECREATED every time they are viewed – and the look of the re-creation is totally dependent on the capabilities of the machine you are using to view it.

A practical example: Let’s say we set the site to use the font Minion. it looks great on your machine – because you have Minion installed on your machine. If I pull up the site, and do NOT have Minion installed, it will look completely different – and what font is substituted will completely depend on several settings on my machine. The designer has NO control over it.

The look of the site and the content of the site are totally different. At this particular moment I strongly suggest just getting something up on the site so we can pull the “temp” front page.

Worry about the look later – because we can specify the fonts in ONE spot which will automatically change every usage of the font across the site. [There are several “depending on….” things there, but I’ve loaded this up with too many details as it is].

Bottom line:
Get the content posted first. Deal with the design later – the search engines look at the content only, so the sooner we get something posted the sooner you can be found online.

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