Add voicemail to your website —

Add voicemail to your website

Just ran across a new service called SpeakPipe, which is in beta as I type this [March 26, 2012]. It offers an EASY way to add “voicemail” to your website/Facebook page / WordPress/Joomla etc.

I’ve added it to several of my sites, and  am pleased to report that it was very easy to implement and has worked flawlessly.

The only issue I saw was in the WordPress site – but that was because the WordPress cache took time to refresh after installing the code. It started working after about 10 minutes after the server took care of it’s business.

They are going to follow the “Freemium” model – where the basic account is free, but extra features will be charged for. One blogger I read said they were going to charge something well under $10 a month for the Premium features, which is dirt cheap for this type of functionality.

It is well done, easy to use, and was easy to implement. Check it out!

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