Getting a new browser – Google Chrome —

Getting a new browser – Google Chrome

I had a client who uses Windows, and was very shy about downloading a new webbrowser [she was using an old version of Internet Explorer and needs to upgrade].

Here are some instructions:


Getting a new browser is NOT difficult!
Surf to

Click the “download” button.

You’ll probably see a box that with buttons that say “open” “Run” and “Cancel” – or something similar. Click the “run” button if there is one. If not, click the SAVE button – the trick with this one is you have to notice WHERE the file is being saved. I strongly suggest the desktop – because it’s easy to find!

If you were able to click RUN, then go get some coffee. It’ll take a few minutes. You might have to answer some questions – read what it’s asking, and decide what you want it to do. If you’re not sure, guess! [You can’t mess it up – at worst you’ll be a bit inconvenienced]

If you had to click SAVE – close out of Internet Explorer once the file is done downloading. Doubleclick the installer that you plopped on the desktop. See previous paragraph, beginning with “go get some coffee”.



This is the kind of training I can provide – everything from the simple to the complex. Since I speak Plain English, I can translate the technical jargon into something that even the most technophobic computer user can understand.

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