Review: TenFourFox – browser for PPC Macs —

Review: TenFourFox – browser for PPC Macs

I’ve now had a chance to work with TenFourFox, a fork of the Mozilla project designed to keep Power-PC Macs running 10.4 – 10.5 in the modern browser world.

here’s your 3-word summary:


It runs significantly faster that Firefox AND Safari AND Chrome on my first generation Mac mini – borwsing is actually a pleasure again on that workhorse machine of mine! Sites came up quickly, rendered well, and the only limitations I ran into are plug-in specific.

For example, youtube videos will not play because youtube requires Flash – and Adobe quit updating teh PPC Flash plugin years ago…..that’s OK, because it means I’ll get more WORK done!

Click image to go to the website


There is a Sister Project – Classilla – which is a browser-in-progress for MacOS 9 machines [and the Classic EWnvironment which shipped with MacOS 10.1-10.5). As they state on there webpage – it’s a beta, and a bit buggy, but is functional, and is lightyears ahead of any other ClassicMac browser out there.


Click image to go to the website

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