Goodbye, Prestashop! —

Goodbye, Prestashop!

I’ve been using Prestashop as the backend for my music site for a couple of years, and have been decently happy with it. The funtionality of the free software has been good, and there are tons of paid upgrades available if you need additional funtions. MY attraction to it was that Prestashop made it easy to setup and sell digital goods – in my case MP3 and PDF files of music, sheet music, and charts.

Earlier in 2012 I attempted an upgrade, since the new version of Prestashop had several useful features. The upgrade went horribly wrong, and I ended up re-architecting the site from scratch. I probably could have reconstructed the site from the backup, but I took the opportunity to create a far superior product organizational scheme that I had previously setup on the site.

Earlier in the Fall of 2012 there was a major Prestashop update posted, along with detailed upgrade instructions….and a strong suggestion to use the upgrade tool built-in to Prestashop. I waited some time to attempt the upgrade, and it has been a disaster.

The upgrade tool failed on numerous occasions to get past downloading and extracting the files – I consistently got “Unexpected end of XML file” errors. This is often caused by a faulty download, but sadly, that was not the root casue. I still don’t know what the root cause of the error was!

So I attempted a manual upgrade of the site – which has caused the script that is supposed to update the database to throw an error [in this case the error says “You’re already at the current version, whaddya want ME to do?”

So at this point I have a site that is extraordinarily wonked out in terms of graphical design, the Paypal module doesn’t work, and no one can create a new account to buy anything because customers in the US are required to specify a state – but the state field is nonexistent! Web Searches have been fruitless.

I have decided, for these and other reasons, to switch the site over to WordPress, using one of several WP eCommerce plugins I’ve found. I’m currently pulling all the data I can off the old site – primarily so I don’t have to rewrite to page copy – and will [SLOWLY] begin rebuilding the site over the next few weeks.

Granted, I COULD re-create the site from a backup – but I’m not going down this road again.

So goodbye, Prestashop! I wish you well.

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