Mac vs. Windows.... yet again. —

Mac vs. Windows.... yet again.

I ran across an article on which compared the costs of equipping comparable BUSINESS-CLASS PCs – one from Dell, the other an Apple iMac.

Now, before you jump up and down and say “You can get Windows machines cheaper than that” – I’d like to point out that that article is comparing a Dell from their higher quality line [i.e. higher quality components that are going to last a GOOD LONG WHILE].

Those low budget PCs use cheaper components that WILL die quicker.

….AND the author is trying to get the Dell equipped as similarly to the iMac as possible so he can compare [ahem] Apples to Apples.

It’s something I’ve stated for a long time – the Apple machine give a better value for the money: they last longer, they require far fewer “additional investments” to make them usable, and they break FAR less often.


Let’s dig deeper by exploring the true cost differential between a Mac desktop and an equivalent Windows business-class all-in-one computer.

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