Another Mac vs. PC thought — Another Mac vs. PC thought

I had a co-worker with a business in their family who asked about replacing an aging PC in the business. They were wondering about Macs, but were more comfortable with PCs. This was my reply:

The Mac vs. PC question can be complicated. Here are a few quick thoughts:

Macs are a better investment longterm – no virus issues to speak of, they last MUCH longer than your PCs, and their ease of use really does mean you get more work done in a given amount of time [AFTER you get acclimated. There’s a learning curve anytime you switch OSes.] They DO cost more upfront, though, unless you are comparing a PC with similar capabilities and quality of build [Apples are vaguely comparable with the higher-end more-expensive Dells].

Quickbooks IS available for the Mac, but you’d have some time spent switching to the new machine – and then there’s the accountant issue [learning how to swap info with your accountant, if you have one keeping track of stuff for you].

Bottom line is that you have to look at the cost/benefit ratio.

If you decide on Mac, I suggest PeachMac because they have a store locally. For PCs, I suggest Quality Computer. The big box stores [Best Buy, Sam’s, Target, etc.] are ok for home b/c it is merely inconvenient if the machine goes down and there’s no one local to take care of it. Biz, however, is quite another matter.

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