Kids & iPads —

Kids & iPads

The full-time gig for the past couple of years has been “the iPad Guy” for a grades 6-12 private school. We are a one-to-one school using iPads, and you can imagine I’ve seen some seriously damaged iPads in my tenure there!

In fact, I am typing this at the Macon Peachmac/SimplyMac store, waiting for the guys at the service desk to finish the paperwork on 17 busted iPads.

That sounds like a lot [and in one sense it is], but when you figure those were broken over about 9 weeks, and we have over 700 iPads on that campus – that changes the perspective a bit.

I’m guessing we’ll have about a 5% breakage rate over the year. More middle schoolers than high schoolers break their iPads – no surprise there!.

Some of the iPads with broken glass have been absolutely EPIC – when I pull them out of their case [Griffin Survivor 2 cases, which I highly recommend] I actually have had chunks of glass fall out into the garbage can in a few instances.

Hopefully some pictures will follow – for now this will have to do!

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