IBM: Macs easier to support than PCs —

IBM: Macs easier to support than PCs

At the risk of opening up another rehash of Macs vs PCs flamewar:

A friend sent an article [IBM goes Apple: Helpdesk calls way down compared to Windows] mentioning a speech that Fletcher Previn, VP of Workplace-as-a-Service at IBM made recently.

More quotes from the article:

  • IBM, at one time a Windows PC heavyweight, is now deploying Macs internally and is seeing a precipitous drop in helpdesk calls.
  • How precipitous [……is the drop in helpdesk calls]? Only 5 percent of Mac users call the helpdesk, compared to 40 percent of PC users,
  • And IBM is managing all of those devices with a tiny staff of 24 people, which comes to one helpdesk person for every 5,400 devices.

As someone who is working at a school with a TREMENDOUS number of devices and a very small staff, this speaks volumes.

Are Macs the end-all-be-all machine with which you will never have any trouble? Oh, for pete’s sake, NO.

But over the years I have had far fewer difficulties with the Macs than the Windows machines – nad yes, I use both [well, all three. This is being typed on a Debian box….]

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