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“I need a new laptop. Any suggestions?”

Some advice I recently gave to a co-worker.

General concepts:
1) fastest most powerful processor you can afford [For the Intel line, i9 is most powerful but hideously expensive, followed by i7, then i5. Don’t bother with i3.]
2) In terms of processor speed there isn’t much PRACTICAL difference between a few tenths of a gighertz – 2.4GHz isn’t THAT much faster than 2.2GHz.
3) As much RAM as is practical. 8gig preferred. Most OSes will run OK in 4gig, if you aren’t a power user. I prefer 16, but then again I run a lot of stuff at the same time.
4) THEN screensize – I prefer a 15″. 13″ is too cramped. 17 and bigger is just too big to be toting around – that’s why you get a second monitor setup for your desk, and plug it in when needed.
Everything else is bells and whistles, pretty much.
For Macs I’ve been watching Mac Sales – they have some refurb Mac laptops and desktops at interesting prices. Apple has a clearance section [search for “apple special deals”, and click over to the Apple store].
For Windows I would seriously go talk to the guys on Riverside Drive – Quality Computers.
The Big Box stores can be a pain to deal with unless you know exactly what you want.

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