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Ubuntu 10.0.4 on an Apple iMac DV – installation tips

I just installed Ubuntu 10.0.4 [Lucid Lynx] on a vintage 2000 Apple iMac DV [Blueberry color]. There is a ton of old information about how to do this on the web, but most of it relates to Ubuntu 6 or earlier.

The primary issue is that Ubuntu out of the box doesn’t talk to the […]

Internet? What’s the Internet?

This was aired back in 1994 – and is a reminder that the internet was once a great mystery to most people. Take a look at the NBC email address as well – at that time they didn’t even have their own domain.

Also of interest – when this aired, the World Wide Web was […]

New ideas on Presenting – BEYOND Powerpoint!

I teach Powerpoint as part of Mercer University’s CSC125 class, and have studied presenting for a number of years as part of my teaching in various locales and situations.

I find it fascinating how the technology has changed over the years. granted, I’m a bit of a maverick – I selected Astound to use for […]

A visit from St. Geek

[Originally posted in 2008 and republished over at]

‘Twas the night before Christmas (or “holiday break”) But I was still working — I kicked off a rake. Secure shells were placed on my desktop with care, So no one could sniff what I typed away there. My clients’ hot issues were all put to […]

Macs are cheaper in Business? TCO: New research finds Macs in the enterprise easier, cheaper to manage than Windows PCs


This is not a surprise – it has actually been true for years. I did some serious research on the matter back in 2003, and found several Fortune 500 companies who were mixed platform – and had to […]

Apple iPhone vs. Google Android

Ran across an article on TechRepublic article A very personal Google Android vs. Apple iPhone war just got some more personality.

According to the article there is some real rancor between the iPhone and Android teams/CEO/whatever. Although that might make for some good soap opera type of entertainment – I’m more interested in a comment […]

Apple’s iPad

I’ve read with interest the introduction of the iPad from Apple yesterday, and have surfed through Macworld’s stories about the iPad.

I have a post for my Mercer CSC125 class with several links to the Macworld material, including photos, video, and some editor’s reactions. You can view that post HERE, over at

I threw […]

Windows: free antivirus from Microsoft

Microsoft offers a FREE antivirus/anti-other-bad-stuff application called “Miscrosoft Security Essentials”.

It is NOT the best thing out there, but works pretty doggone well. It DOES “suck up some CPU cycles” – i.e. when it’s running your machine will slow down a bit.

It is DEFINITELY better than running nothing – so if your subscription […]

Moving your iTunes library

The descriptions below are not exact wordings – but they do give the gist of what you have to click. This came from a friend whow anted to know how to transfer his iTunes library from his old PC to his new Macbook.


Pop a thumb drive into your PC.

On your PC: My […]

Email, JAWS, being blind – technology marches on

Sometimes technology changes, even when we don’t want it to.

One of my clients is blind, and runs a computer-based recording studio (that is verrrry nice, let me tell you….). There’s a constant dance we have to do to keep his machines running, because not only do you have the inherent complexities of dealing with […]

“I’m getting all sorts of weird errors”

Yet another client story: I received a phone call from a client who is unabashedly not comfortable with computers. She was getting some weird errors from Firefox and AVG, but couldn’t really describe what they said.

Fortunately it was on may way, so I was able to swing in quickly just to see what was […]

How to keep your office from working well

I have a client who called with some computer issues, and their situation serves as the inspiration for this entry.

This is a small business, with a couple of people in the office taking care of “just about everything”.

So, if you want to keep your office from working well, do these things:

1) Put […]