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Advice - Buying a computer

Some advice given to a musician friend buying a replacement computer. […]

Mac vs. Windows.... yet again.

I ran across an article on which compared the costs of equipping comparable BUSINESS-CLASS PCs – one from Dell, the other an Apple iMac.

Now, before you jump up and down and say “You can get Windows machines cheaper than that” – I’d like to point out that that article is comparing a Dell […]

New toy: Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is an VERY low-cost computer that I picked up earlier this summer for my Birthday. It’s been a fairly fun [and tremendously geeky] thing to play with. For around $40US you get what is pictured below – a computer on a card. It’s a bit larger than an Altoids tin.

You have […]

Online File Storage: Dropbox

I’ve been using Dropbox for a good while now, and have found it to be a good way to store material online, especially when you need to collaborate with others. The cross-platform capabilities are good, as is the web access.

I’ve found it to be stable, usable, and an excellent resource. The free version has […]

Quick Glance on Mac OS: OpenOffice vs LibreOffice vs NeoOffice

You have probably heard of the “Microsoft Office” clones that have been out for a good while now. I taught Microsoft Office for several years at Mercer University, and have to say it is indeed a very useful product. The ribbon interface in particular is well done and helps you get your work done faster, […]