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MaconMacGuy | how To Livestream your Student Recital

I recently setup and ran a livestream of 4 student recitals over at Young America Music – and had some questions about how I did it from other music teachers. Here’s an overview.



A simple setup:

Computer [desktop OR laptop]. A tablet is not a good idea for this – too many limitations. […]

Streaming on StreetJelly AND Recording the performance on the same machine at the same time: and Tom Rule

Here’s a classic example of the kind of thing I’m constantly doing with tech – pulling the pieces together. There’s a reason it say’s that one my business card!

I sometimes stream live performances on Given the “wonderer” that I am, I began to see if I could stream AND record the performance at […]

Small Business: Easily create your own website [ for do-it-yourselfers ]

Using the resources available on, it really is fairly easy to create your own website. Now, it will NOT be the “latest greatest thing on the planet” – but if you are a small business and know you need a web presence of SOME sort – and are just looking to get started, it […] - MegaMan Marathon

72 Hour Gaming Marathon Raising Money For Rocking H Ranch

ARLINGTON, TEXAS – February 22, 2012 – On Friday, March 8th at 6PM CST (GMT -6) TheSpeedGamers, a group of gamers from Arlington, Texas, will begin another 72 hour Spring gaming marathon for charity. The group has raised over $381,000 for various charities and causes […]

Goodbye, Prestashop!

I’ve been using Prestashop as the backend for my music site for a couple of years, and have been decently happy with it. The funtionality of the free software has been good, and there are tons of paid upgrades available if you need additional funtions. MY attraction to it was that Prestashop made it […]

WP multisite – my experience

I’ve been working on updating my musician site this week [something that has been on the to do list for a good long while now.] I decided to add a whole slew of new functionality to the site, including podcasting, digital download sales, RSS feeds, etc.

So I decided to switch from a static HTML/PHP […]

VIdeos Added to Hosting, Explanations, Tours

I’ve added a couple of youtube-hosted videos to the website.

The first is on the front page. I recorded a short video explaining what I can do. Sadly, you do get to see my ugly mug, but you could always close your eyes when watching it!

The second and third videos are on the […]

Review: TenFourFox – browser for PPC Macs

I’ve now had a chance to work with TenFourFox, a fork of the Mozilla project designed to keep Power-PC Macs running 10.4 – 10.5 in the modern browser world.

here’s your 3-word summary:


It runs significantly faster that Firefox AND Safari AND Chrome on my first generation Mac mini – borwsing is […]

Old Mac users – Rejoice!

…as in users of PowerPC Macs, running at least OS 10.4.11 with a G3/G4/G5 processor.

I’ve run across a bowser based on Firefox that runs on these machines, and it has all the latest improvement in web browsers [ see below]. Click over to

It looks really good – and it may be enough […]

Getting a new browser – Google Chrome

I had a client who uses Windows, and was very shy about downloading a new webbrowser [she was using an old version of Internet Explorer and needs to upgrade].

Here are some instructions:


Getting a new browser is NOT difficult! Surf to

Click the “download” button.

You’ll probably see a box that with […]

Add voicemail to your website

Just ran across a new service called SpeakPipe, which is in beta as I type this [March 26, 2012]. It offers an EASY way to add “voicemail” to your website/Facebook page / WordPress/Joomla etc.

I’ve added it to several of my sites, and am pleased to report that it was very easy to implement and […]

Online File Storage: Dropbox

I’ve been using Dropbox for a good while now, and have found it to be a good way to store material online, especially when you need to collaborate with others. The cross-platform capabilities are good, as is the web access.

I’ve found it to be stable, usable, and an excellent resource. The free version has […]

AppSumo: excellent resource

Click Here:

AppSumo is a relatively new online resource – they find extreme deals on training materials [ a lot of “how to”s relating to online business and marketing], software to get things done [art packages, for example], and some seriously cool stuff for any entrepreneur [which is a tough word to […]

Fonts on the web

I recently had a new client who had expressed concern about the look of her site under development. She has had me set it up, and rough in the structure, but is having a writer fill in the pictures and text inside each area of the site.

I received an email requesting that we change […]

Another Short Small Biz & Tech story

I picked up a new client the other day, and ran into a situation that I’ve seen MUCH too often: ORGANIZATIONAL CHALLENGES, and LACK OF TRAINING.

This client is in the throes of opening up a retail location, where 2 businesses will be location – Event Planning and Photography (focusing on Babies and Weddings). They […]

Win Fr*e Dropbox Account for Life

AppSumo is running a contest through October 13th – the winner gets a free 50gig Dropbox account for life.

If you’ve never heard of Dropbox, it is a well-done way of storing files online. You can access them through a webpage, or if you install the software on your machine you can also access them […]

PrestaShop ecommerce – some random thoughts

I’ve been using Prestashop for for several months, and though I’d jot down some views. I was looking for an ecommerce solution that easily allowed downloadable products – this particular shop doesn’t sell physical products – at least for the forseeable future!.

I looked at several different possibilities – Magento, etc – even looked […]

Why are you still using Hotmail for your business?

If you have a website, your hosting account probably already has email accounts – so DON’T USE gmail or hotmail or yahoo etc. for your primary business account. Use an account tied to your domain – this will seriously boost your brand awareness and make you seem more official in the eyes of potential clients/customers.


Not enough time? Common sense online marketing concepts for the small biz owner

There are more articles and blog posts and newspaper material available online about marketing your business online than a multigenerational family could read in several lifetimes.

This is a real problem for the small business owner. It’s even bigger if you aren’t online-centric.

So what do you do?

Here is my take on the whole […]

Facebook: how to auto-update your Facebook Page

This is a quick-and-dirty summary of how to automatically update your Facebook Page with entries from a blog.

BACKGROUND: I have several website that are WordPress based, and thus have an RSS feed as part of the setup. Several others are using Feedburner to distribute the feed as well.

There are also some Facebook pages […]