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Online Ecommerce Shopping Carts

I have been researching several shopping carts as I setup a new online store (, which will sell downloadable music, sheet music, etc.). It has been interesting looking at the tons of open-source options, as well as the commercial software options.

Some observations:

OScommerce has been around a long while, and has a tremendous community […]

Internet? What’s the Internet?

This was aired back in 1994 – and is a reminder that the internet was once a great mystery to most people. Take a look at the NBC email address as well – at that time they didn’t even have their own domain.

Also of interest – when this aired, the World Wide Web was […]

New Client: SCNSE

I’m closing in on completing a site for the Society of Clinical Nursing Specialist Educators, a professional organization dedicated to enhancing the education of Clinical Nursing Specialists.

This is a new organization, and their website needed to be clean, easy to navigate, and yet allow for conference registration…. and not cost a lot to develop.


The MaconMacGuy on the Radio

Though this isn’t exactly the primary MaconMacGuy field – I was interviewed for Marketplace Tech last week about using the internet for shopping. I mentioned using

You can take a look and listen to it at, assuming you’ve got five minutes to kill!

Why you should have your own site

I have a friend with a graphics arts business who is still using as his primary online contact address. I was hassling him about it (he knows he should update, but hasn’t really had a compelling reason to do it). Below are the reasons I gave him for going ahead and setting up his […]

Apple’s iPad

I’ve read with interest the introduction of the iPad from Apple yesterday, and have surfed through Macworld’s stories about the iPad.

I have a post for my Mercer CSC125 class with several links to the Macworld material, including photos, video, and some editor’s reactions. You can view that post HERE, over at

I threw […]

Using your email address to reinforce your business

A friend has begun using a PR person for his music activities. I noticed the PR guy is using a email account for his business email contact (in the “internet olden days” was a sign of distinction – it meant you had a CompuServe account. Nowadays it’s really dying out).

In the interest […]

Email, JAWS, being blind – technology marches on

Sometimes technology changes, even when we don’t want it to.

One of my clients is blind, and runs a computer-based recording studio (that is verrrry nice, let me tell you….). There’s a constant dance we have to do to keep his machines running, because not only do you have the inherent complexities of dealing with […]

Domains. Email addresses, and your business

I’ve noticed several times over the last few weeks this situation:

A small business – it might be a plumbing company, printshop, whatever….. – has their website plastered on their truck / flyer / billboard / facebook ad / etc. They’ll have the company name, a phone number, maybe a phrase describing what they do […]