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IBM: Macs easier to support than PCs

At the risk of opening up another rehash of Macs vs PCs flamewar:

A friend sent an article [IBM goes Apple: Helpdesk calls way down compared to Windows] mentioning a speech that Fletcher Previn, VP of Workplace-as-a-Service at IBM made recently.

More quotes from the article:

IBM, at one time a Windows PC heavyweight, is […]

Directories, Symlinks, iNodes…oh, my!

This is an article posted on macintouch.com about directories, symlinks, inodes, etc – it’s a handy explanation of some of the basics of filesystems that I found useful enough to stash here for future reference. Many thanks to David Charlap for taking the time to post on Macintouch!


From Macintouch.com by David Charlap

There’s […]

A piece of history: An Original Mac

Once upon a time [meaning more than 2 weeks ago, since I’ve slept in the interim and can’t remember] I was given an original Mac 128k. This week I started cleaning out the hard drive on my primary work computer, and ran across these files, complete with pictures of the machine.

I had a blast […]

MaconMacGuy.com: Another Mac vs. PC thought

I had a co-worker with a business in their family who asked about replacing an aging PC in the business. They were wondering about Macs, but were more comfortable with PCs. This was my reply:

The Mac vs. PC question can be complicated. Here are a few quick thoughts:

Macs are a better investment longterm […]

Mac vs. Windows.... yet again.

I ran across an article on Techrepublic.com which compared the costs of equipping comparable BUSINESS-CLASS PCs – one from Dell, the other an Apple iMac.

Now, before you jump up and down and say “You can get Windows machines cheaper than that” – I’d like to point out that that article is comparing a Dell […]

Ubuntu & Netgear WG311 PCI card

I’ve been putting together an Ubuntu system for my parents, who just setup internet access at their house. Sadly they will be using wireless at the house (more on my opinion of wireless in another article), so I had to pickup a PCI wireless card for the machine [the motherboard is an Acer with a […]

Ubuntu 10.0.4 on an Apple iMac DV – installation tips

I just installed Ubuntu 10.0.4 [Lucid Lynx] on a vintage 2000 Apple iMac DV [Blueberry color]. There is a ton of old information about how to do this on the web, but most of it relates to Ubuntu 6 or earlier.

The primary issue is that Ubuntu out of the box doesn’t talk to the […]

A visit from St. Geek

[Originally posted in 2008 and republished over at TechRepublic.com]

‘Twas the night before Christmas (or “holiday break”) But I was still working — I kicked off a rake. Secure shells were placed on my desktop with care, So no one could sniff what I typed away there. My clients’ hot issues were all put to […]

Apple iPhone vs. Google Android

Ran across an article on TechRepublic article A very personal Google Android vs. Apple iPhone war just got some more personality.

According to the article there is some real rancor between the iPhone and Android teams/CEO/whatever. Although that might make for some good soap opera type of entertainment – I’m more interested in a comment […]

How to keep your office from working well

I have a client who called with some computer issues, and their situation serves as the inspiration for this entry.

This is a small business, with a couple of people in the office taking care of “just about everything”.

So, if you want to keep your office from working well, do these things:

1) Put […]

Good way to experiment with Linux / Ubuntu

I’ve had a few clients express interest in Linux, especially for their older machines which would be doing real basic computing tasks (web, email, word processing, etc).

Many are afraid to muck around with the standard installation – the idea of messing around with the hard drive, or wiping out their current OS is […]