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Teens & Tech

An article I wrote for the Mount de Sales blog “MDS Musings”. CLICK HERE for the original posting.


Things I’ve Noticed About Teens and Tech

I have had many conversations with adults about students and technology.

There’s a common thread that often pops up, something to the effect of…

“Kids today just […]

VIdeos Added to Hosting, Explanations, Tours

I’ve added a couple of youtube-hosted videos to the website.

The first is on the front page. I recorded a short video explaining what I can do. Sadly, you do get to see my ugly mug, but you could always close your eyes when watching it!

The second and third videos are on the […]

Getting a new browser – Google Chrome

I had a client who uses Windows, and was very shy about downloading a new webbrowser [she was using an old version of Internet Explorer and needs to upgrade].

Here are some instructions:


Getting a new browser is NOT difficult! Surf to

Click the “download” button.

You’ll probably see a box that with […]

AppSumo: excellent resource

Click Here:

AppSumo is a relatively new online resource – they find extreme deals on training materials [ a lot of “how to”s relating to online business and marketing], software to get things done [art packages, for example], and some seriously cool stuff for any entrepreneur [which is a tough word to […]

Fonts on the web

I recently had a new client who had expressed concern about the look of her site under development. She has had me set it up, and rough in the structure, but is having a writer fill in the pictures and text inside each area of the site.

I received an email requesting that we change […]

Another Short Small Biz & Tech story

I picked up a new client the other day, and ran into a situation that I’ve seen MUCH too often: ORGANIZATIONAL CHALLENGES, and LACK OF TRAINING.

This client is in the throes of opening up a retail location, where 2 businesses will be location – Event Planning and Photography (focusing on Babies and Weddings). They […]

Facebook: how to auto-update your Facebook Page

This is a quick-and-dirty summary of how to automatically update your Facebook Page with entries from a blog.

BACKGROUND: I have several website that are WordPress based, and thus have an RSS feed as part of the setup. Several others are using Feedburner to distribute the feed as well.

There are also some Facebook pages […]

New ideas on Presenting – BEYOND Powerpoint!

I teach Powerpoint as part of Mercer University’s CSC125 class, and have studied presenting for a number of years as part of my teaching in various locales and situations.

I find it fascinating how the technology has changed over the years. granted, I’m a bit of a maverick – I selected Astound to use for […]

Moving your iTunes library

The descriptions below are not exact wordings – but they do give the gist of what you have to click. This came from a friend whow anted to know how to transfer his iTunes library from his old PC to his new Macbook.


Pop a thumb drive into your PC.

On your PC: My […]

Connecting the Dots…. Sending a Mass Email

I have a client – who is slowly migrating from using 4 different email services to using the webmail that comes with his hosting (SmarterMail Enterprise) – ask me about sending out one email to a bunch of his contacts. He couldn’t figure out an easy way to do it.

As with most things, this […]

How to keep your office from working well

I have a client who called with some computer issues, and their situation serves as the inspiration for this entry.

This is a small business, with a couple of people in the office taking care of “just about everything”.

So, if you want to keep your office from working well, do these things:

1) Put […]