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TheSpeedGamers.com - MegaMan Marathon

72 Hour Gaming Marathon Raising Money For Rocking H Ranch

ARLINGTON, TEXAS – February 22, 2012 – On Friday, March 8th at 6PM CST (GMT -6) TheSpeedGamers, a group of gamers from Arlington, Texas, will begin another 72 hour Spring gaming marathon for charity. The group has raised over $381,000 for various charities and causes […]

Apple iPhone vs. Google Android

Ran across an article on TechRepublic article A very personal Google Android vs. Apple iPhone war just got some more personality.

According to the article there is some real rancor between the iPhone and Android teams/CEO/whatever. Although that might make for some good soap opera type of entertainment – I’m more interested in a comment […]

Email, JAWS, being blind – technology marches on

Sometimes technology changes, even when we don’t want it to.

One of my clients is blind, and runs a computer-based recording studio (that is verrrry nice, let me tell you….). There’s a constant dance we have to do to keep his machines running, because not only do you have the inherent complexities of dealing with […]

Connections & this Online life……

• Someone asked me the other day what I did.

• Yesterday I spent a few hours setting up a new online presence for my music activities.

• This morning I glanced at the MaconMacGuy logo.

Three unrelated incidents – yet they combine into a thought about what exactly it is I do as […]

What do you do when things blow up?

The short answer: IMPROVISE!

I just tried to give a final exam in a computer class I teach at Mercer. The final is given online using an online service we use in the class – and have all semester relatively successfully.

The class yesterday took it with a few problems, but nothing major. Today, though, […]

Is your website working or not?

A few comments sparked by an article from Small Business Newz titled “Search Guru Laments Small Business Web Practices”.

The article references a blog by Danny Sullivan, who is arguably THE guru when it comes to online search engine optimization techniques. In the original blog posting Danny tells a few stories about his recent move […]

Documentation can be everything

This should be subtitled (To err is human, to really screw things up takes a computer” – or in this case, a entire network.

One of my clients has a website I was hired to completely redo as a CMS system. I accepted the job at a serious discount (mainly because I live there) and […]

Connecting the Dots – a solution found.

Sometimes the hardest thing about working with a technical situation is scoping out the best solution – especially when it isn’t the obvious one.

For example, let’s say you want to setup an online ecommerce store, but your pricing structure does not work with teh shopping cart out of the box. At this point you […]

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! Don’t forget to remember from whence we came (hint: the Founding Fathers talked a lot about God – and not in some wishy-washy vague sort of way)

Projects currently underway:

Lakewildwood.org redesign MowProducts.com – tech help ..and of course, this site! Way overdue for a redesign