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Small Business: Easily create your own website [ for do-it-yourselfers ]

Using the resources available on MidGaHosting.com, it really is fairly easy to create your own website. Now, it will NOT be the “latest greatest thing on the planet” – but if you are a small business and know you need a web presence of SOME sort – and are just looking to get started, it […]

Goodbye, Prestashop!

I’ve been using Prestashop as the backend for my music site MacMusicGuy.com for a couple of years, and have been decently happy with it. The funtionality of the free software has been good, and there are tons of paid upgrades available if you need additional funtions. MY attraction to it was that Prestashop made it […]

WP multisite – my experience

I’ve been working on updating my musician site this week [something that has been on the to do list for a good long while now.] I decided to add a whole slew of new functionality to the site, including podcasting, digital download sales, RSS feeds, etc.

So I decided to switch from a static HTML/PHP […]

Add voicemail to your website

Just ran across a new service called SpeakPipe, which is in beta as I type this [March 26, 2012]. It offers an EASY way to add “voicemail” to your website/Facebook page / WordPress/Joomla etc.

I’ve added it to several of my sites, and am pleased to report that it was very easy to implement and […]

Fonts on the web

I recently had a new client who had expressed concern about the look of her site under development. She has had me set it up, and rough in the structure, but is having a writer fill in the pictures and text inside each area of the site.

I received an email requesting that we change […]

PrestaShop ecommerce – some random thoughts

I’ve been using Prestashop for MacMusicGuy.com for several months, and though I’d jot down some views. I was looking for an ecommerce solution that easily allowed downloadable products – this particular shop doesn’t sell physical products – at least for the forseeable future!.

I looked at several different possibilities – Magento, etc – even looked […]

Facebook: how to auto-update your Facebook Page

This is a quick-and-dirty summary of how to automatically update your Facebook Page with entries from a blog.

BACKGROUND: I have several website that are WordPress based, and thus have an RSS feed as part of the setup. Several others are using Feedburner to distribute the feed as well.

There are also some Facebook pages […]

Online Ecommerce Shopping Carts

I have been researching several shopping carts as I setup a new online store (MacMusicGuy.com, which will sell downloadable music, sheet music, etc.). It has been interesting looking at the tons of open-source options, as well as the commercial software options.

Some observations:

OScommerce has been around a long while, and has a tremendous community […]

WordPress tip 3

I have a client who was asking some questions about adding material to their website – which is WordPress based. I thought this might be useful for someone.

The client was having trouble deleting a table using Visual view in WordPress. They could delete the data in the table, just not the table itself, […]

WordPress tip 2

I have a client who was asking some questions about adding material to their website – which is WordPress based. I thought this might be useful for someone.

Tip 2 The headlines and such in a WordPress Page or Post are set using what’s similar to Word’s headings – i.e. you mark it as […]

WordPress tip 1

I have a client who was asking some questions about adding material to their website – which is WordPress based. I thought this might be useful for someone. Tip 1 You do NOT want to copy/paste information from Word into the website. Word’s html is extraordinarily odd, and makes things difficult to change later. There […]

New Client: SCNSE

I’m closing in on completing a site for the Society of Clinical Nursing Specialist Educators, a professional organization dedicated to enhancing the education of Clinical Nursing Specialists.

This is a new organization, and their website needed to be clean, easy to navigate, and yet allow for conference registration…. and not cost a lot to develop.


Hosting vs. Domains – HUH?

I had an interesting conversation with a student who wanted to start a website – but he was very confused about domains and website and such.


A Domain in just a name given to a particular computer/IP address. [IP address = a numeric address that every box connected to the internet has to have]. […]

Keep your website up – Communicate!

I had a client recently whose website was put on hiatus – they had forgotten to pay the hosting bill!

Fortunately their domain was good for another year, so all that happened was their site was temporarily replaced with an “account suspended” page – easily fixed by paying the bill.

So why did this happen?