Hosting — Video Tour #2: Overview of the Hepsia Control Panel

This video tour walks you through the control panel at – which makes it easy to make changes to your hosting account, add files, add domains, renew your hosting – even manage your stable of domains that were purchased from other registrars!

Web hosting for small business that is easy to use and […] Video Tour #1: Overview of Hosting Plans

This video walks you through an overview of the various hosting options at, from the regular shared hosting through VPS, Semi-Dedicated, and Dedicated options.

Web hosting for small business that is easy to use and inexpensive offers inexpensive quality easy to use web hosting focused on small businesses and individuals.


Why are you still using Hotmail for your business?

If you have a website, your hosting account probably already has email accounts – so DON’T USE gmail or hotmail or yahoo etc. for your primary business account. Use an account tied to your domain – this will seriously boost your brand awareness and make you seem more official in the eyes of potential clients/customers.


VPS & Dedicated Hosting

If you need more advanced hosting for a heavy duty website, MidGaHosting. also offers Virtual Private Servers as well a fully Dedicated Hosting. Watch the video to see an overview, then click for VPS or DEDICATED SERVERS options and pricing.


MidGaHosting video

Here’s a short video that gives a quick overview on why you should host with [a division of!]

Hosting vs. Domains – HUH?

I had an interesting conversation with a student who wanted to start a website – but he was very confused about domains and website and such.


A Domain in just a name given to a particular computer/IP address. [IP address = a numeric address that every box connected to the internet has to have]. […]

NEW Hosting options!

The self-serve hosting option now has some very powerful hosting options unavailable before. The nice thing about this is that it is entirely self-serve. You can surf over to a website and set it all up yourself.

But now we offer hosting options with a semi-dedicated server, virtual private server, and a dedicated server.

“Regular” […]

Using your email address to reinforce your business

A friend has begun using a PR person for his music activities. I noticed the PR guy is using a email account for his business email contact (in the “internet olden days” was a sign of distinction – it meant you had a CompuServe account. Nowadays it’s really dying out).

In the interest […]

Web Hosting for under $5 a month. Why?

I see ads everywhere for inexpensive web hosting. So why pick for your webhosting – and when should you opt for something more powerful?

Plans start at less than $5 a month (US). This includes a whole slew of features – plenty of email accounts, alias email accounts, file storage, bandwidth, stats, and auto-install […]