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Some advice given to a musician friend buying a replacement computer. […]

IBM: Macs easier to support than PCs

At the risk of opening up another rehash of Macs vs PCs flamewar:

A friend sent an article [IBM goes Apple: Helpdesk calls way down compared to Windows] mentioning a speech that Fletcher Previn, VP of Workplace-as-a-Service at IBM made recently.

More quotes from the article:

IBM, at one time a Windows PC heavyweight, is […] Another Mac vs. PC thought

I had a co-worker with a business in their family who asked about replacing an aging PC in the business. They were wondering about Macs, but were more comfortable with PCs. This was my reply:

The Mac vs. PC question can be complicated. Here are a few quick thoughts:

Macs are a better investment longterm […]

Mac vs. Windows.... yet again.

I ran across an article on which compared the costs of equipping comparable BUSINESS-CLASS PCs – one from Dell, the other an Apple iMac.

Now, before you jump up and down and say “You can get Windows machines cheaper than that” – I’d like to point out that that article is comparing a Dell […]