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Goodbye, Prestashop!

I’ve been using Prestashop as the backend for my music site for a couple of years, and have been decently happy with it. The funtionality of the free software has been good, and there are tons of paid upgrades available if you need additional funtions. MY attraction to it was that Prestashop made it […]

PrestaShop ecommerce – some random thoughts

I’ve been using Prestashop for for several months, and though I’d jot down some views. I was looking for an ecommerce solution that easily allowed downloadable products – this particular shop doesn’t sell physical products – at least for the forseeable future!.

I looked at several different possibilities – Magento, etc – even looked […]

Online Ecommerce Shopping Carts

I have been researching several shopping carts as I setup a new online store (, which will sell downloadable music, sheet music, etc.). It has been interesting looking at the tons of open-source options, as well as the commercial software options.

Some observations:

OScommerce has been around a long while, and has a tremendous community […]