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Small Business: Easily create your own website [ for do-it-yourselfers ]

Using the resources available on, it really is fairly easy to create your own website. Now, it will NOT be the “latest greatest thing on the planet” – but if you are a small business and know you need a web presence of SOME sort – and are just looking to get started, it […] Video Tour #1: Overview of Hosting Plans

This video walks you through an overview of the various hosting options at, from the regular shared hosting through VPS, Semi-Dedicated, and Dedicated options.

Web hosting for small business that is easy to use and inexpensive offers inexpensive quality easy to use web hosting focused on small businesses and individuals.


Why are you still using Hotmail for your business?

If you have a website, your hosting account probably already has email accounts – so DON’T USE gmail or hotmail or yahoo etc. for your primary business account. Use an account tied to your domain – this will seriously boost your brand awareness and make you seem more official in the eyes of potential clients/customers.


Not enough time? Common sense online marketing concepts for the small biz owner

There are more articles and blog posts and newspaper material available online about marketing your business online than a multigenerational family could read in several lifetimes.

This is a real problem for the small business owner. It’s even bigger if you aren’t online-centric.

So what do you do?

Here is my take on the whole […]