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Getting a new browser – Google Chrome

I had a client who uses Windows, and was very shy about downloading a new webbrowser [she was using an old version of Internet Explorer and needs to upgrade].

Here are some instructions:


Getting a new browser is NOT difficult! Surf to

Click the “download” button.

You’ll probably see a box that with […]

Fonts on the web

I recently had a new client who had expressed concern about the look of her site under development. She has had me set it up, and rough in the structure, but is having a writer fill in the pictures and text inside each area of the site.

I received an email requesting that we change […]

Another Short Small Biz & Tech story

I picked up a new client the other day, and ran into a situation that I’ve seen MUCH too often: ORGANIZATIONAL CHALLENGES, and LACK OF TRAINING.

This client is in the throes of opening up a retail location, where 2 businesses will be location – Event Planning and Photography (focusing on Babies and Weddings). They […]

Connecting the Dots…. Sending a Mass Email

I have a client – who is slowly migrating from using 4 different email services to using the webmail that comes with his hosting (SmarterMail Enterprise) – ask me about sending out one email to a bunch of his contacts. He couldn’t figure out an easy way to do it.

As with most things, this […]

How to keep your office from working well

I have a client who called with some computer issues, and their situation serves as the inspiration for this entry.

This is a small business, with a couple of people in the office taking care of “just about everything”.

So, if you want to keep your office from working well, do these things:

1) Put […]