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Ubuntu & Netgear WG311 PCI card

I’ve been putting together an Ubuntu system for my parents, who just setup internet access at their house. Sadly they will be using wireless at the house (more on my opinion of wireless in another article), so I had to pickup a PCI wireless card for the machine [the motherboard is an Acer with a […]

Ubuntu 10.0.4 on an Apple iMac DV – installation tips

I just installed Ubuntu 10.0.4 [Lucid Lynx] on a vintage 2000 Apple iMac DV [Blueberry color]. There is a ton of old information about how to do this on the web, but most of it relates to Ubuntu 6 or earlier.

The primary issue is that Ubuntu out of the box doesn’t talk to the […]

Good way to experiment with Linux / Ubuntu

I’ve had a few clients express interest in Linux, especially for their older machines which would be doing real basic computing tasks (web, email, word processing, etc).

Many are afraid to muck around with the standard installation – the idea of messing around with the hard drive, or wiping out their current OS is […]