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Compare Hosting Plans - Tom RUle,, and is my hosting company, and offers a VERY easy to use control panel [MUCH easier than those nationally advertised hosting companies you’ve seen the ads for!]

You can set your new hosting account up by yourself online by filling out an order form, place the order, and have your site up and running very shortly. It comes with a full suite of online tools (the Elefante scripts, which are nice), and you can have up to 3 separate domains sharing the same hosting space (30 with the “Corporate” plan). Click here for an explanation.

Contact me about setting up this type of hosting – or if you have additional questions.

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Table comparing 2 of the hosting plans
offered at
Plan name Business Plan Corporate Plan
To Order Click here
Price per month $7.69 month, paid annually. NO setup fee $14.95/month, paid annually. NO setup fee
Storage Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Email addresses 500 email addresses
Unlimited email accounts & aliases15 mailing lists
Additional Domains Can host up to 5.Your first domain is Free!Domains are $10 each/year Can host unlimited domains in a single hosting account
Your first domain is free!
Included Extras unlimited FTP accounts

20 mySQL Databases

FREE online website builder

1-Click 30+ Scripts Installer (ad manager, blog, calendars, chats, content management

Website Stats package

Anti-Virus and Spam protection

Unlimited  FTP accounts

Unlimited mySQL storage

FREEonline website builder

Unlimited Domains hosted

Unlimited Parked Domains

PHP4, PHP5, PHP6 are all available

Antivirus/AntiSpam protection

Website Stats package


Extra Cost Extras

Many a la carte options and upgrades are easily available. Many a la carte options and upgrades are easily available  [but most people don’t need them]

 CLICK HERE to compare ALL of the MIDGAHOSTING.COM plans.

We also offer Semi-VPS, VPS, and Dedicated Server hosting options.


Multiple domains in the same hosting account? Huh?

The way this works is that you purchase a hosting plan. Within your webspace you can have 3 different domains accessing the same area on the server – they show up as 3 different folders when you FTP to the space. The server is setup so that when you surf to one of your domains using a web browser, you will only see what’s inside the appropriate “folder”.

For example: You purchase the “business” package and domains,, and When you ftp to your webspace, you’ll see three folders named One, Two, and Three. Anything you place inside the One folder will be seen when you surf to – the same for and

If you need assistance setting up the website, I will be happy to assist you at my standard rate. Contact me!