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The MaconMacGuy offers high quality hosting in a national-class data center with a variety of options at an affordable price – with LOCAL tech support, training and implementation! Plans are affordable and come with a bodacious number of features (including a blog, listserv, email addresses, and a lot of space and bandwidth and even dozones of FREE easily-installed software packages). You hosting account can scale all the way up to Virtual Private Servers and even customer-provided co-located servers. Most plans include a domain name, hundreds of email addresses, and  spam filtering.

You can start small and use the same host until you become a Fortune100 multinational conglomerate! We’ll grow with you the entire way.

The key difference? The MaconMacGuy, who has a unique ability to see how the technology can fit into your workflow, and can benefit your business. He can come setup your email accounts, advise you on how to use a blog or maillist (and when you shouldn’t bother) and even write the blog articles for you. The MaconMacGuy has done hundreds of hours of research looking for the right hosting partner – and with this plan you can choose to manage all the adminstrivia yourself, OR have the MaconMacGuy do it for you, OR have him train you!

So contact Tom Rule, the MaconMacGuy, about hosting your website. It’s worth checking out

The MaconMacGuy – serving Macon and middle Georgia

with common-sense technical support since before the Web.

Really, that’s not that long ago!

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