Services by Tom Rule, the MaconMacGuy —

Services by Tom Rule, the MaconMacGuy

Web Design
Web Hosting
Tech Support
Workflow Help

Web Design:

Specializing in practical, easily navigated, eyeball and search-engine friendly websites, the MaconMacGuy has many satisfied clients with websites that are doing their job: making their businesses known. The emphasis is on quality of content and professional design accompanied by a clear information structure. Every site designed will be full of search-engine AND reader-friendly content. Since Tom has experience with podcasts, blogging, video editing, audio editing, soundtrack creation, and a whole SLEW of other tools, he can also assist you in evaluating how these online tools can help you grow your business.

Web Hosting:

Tom also offers “locally focused, world class” web hosting through – which really is NOT limited to just Georgia!. Click here for more info. The bottom line: these are excellent hosting packages with a variety of features that are price competitive with all those huge “low price hosting” ads.

Tech Support:

The MaconMacGuy has offered on-site and phone tech support for Macon and Middle Georgia for over a decade. Assistance provided includes the mundane (transferring files over to the new computer), the aggravating (setting up that new system), and the frightening (losing valuable data).

The MaconMacGuy has experience with Macs, Windows, servers, networking, network infrastructure, and a whole host of other issues that are likely to come up in a small to medium sized business. He always keeps an eye focused on prevention, and is quick to recommend equipment or procedures that will prevent problems in the future.

The advantage? The MaconMacGuy does NOT sell equipment….so he is free to recommend just about anything on the planet to get the job done.


With well over a decade of classroom and private teaching experience, the MaconMacGuy knows how to present material so it will be remembered. He has the expertise to create memorable handouts, websites, multimedia, or other supporting material. Tom is comfortable in both one-on-one and classroom settings.

Many technical support issues in a small business can be resolved with some training! This goes back to the the old proverb about teaching a man to fish………

Workflow Improvement:

Probably the vaguest term in this entire website, “workflow improvement” refers to the MaconMacGuy’s ability to talk to the people in a business, discuss what they do and how they do it, and come up with ways to make that process more efficient and less aggravating. This could involve training, creating written documentation, coming up with additional ways to shuffle data around, purchase of additional equipment, or even something as mundane as organizing the work area.

“Workflow Improvement” specifically refers to looking at the flow of data through an organization – where the data is stored, how people access it, etc.

Contact Tom and explore how he can make YOUR business run better!

It really isn’t just a cute phrase – Tom really does know how to speak tech in Plain English.